Time for change

You may say I

In the last few years I realized that living the way I did would not lead to a long and healthy life. Working long hours. Everyday stress. Bad eating and drinking habits. Living in the rhythm of others. 58 years of the wrong use of my body, my brain, my life.
In 2017 my wife Caroline and I decided to change our life dramatically. Sell our company and start a new life. Now we invest in property, we coach other people in finding their best way through life and we use and promote products like pure essential oils, natural and alternative products for health and personal care like the Healy device for frequency therapy. We live in the Netherlands and we do business all over the world.

Enjoy life whenever you can.


Enjoy life now

The most imporant lesson for me in 2017 was that I had to reinvent my life. During the last 15 years I had stopped learning. I did the things the way I used to do them. Since 2018 I am reading many books about how to live, how to do business and how to be successful AND happy. I focus on work that I really like and on sharing the lessons I have learned with others. I am the master of my own agenda and time. Together with Caroline I live and work how I want, when I want and where I want. 

We work hard but with passion and from our hearts. Life doesn’t happen to us anymore, we make life happen. Reward yourself with a better, more beautiful and longer life. Do it now.
Don't wait. The time will never be just right.

Jos Struik