Become healthy, wealthy and loved

The last 9 years have shown me that it is never too late to really change. But also that it is necessary to plan your success as well as your happiness. It showed me that you have to find out who you are and dare to change your way of thinking from careful and sometimes negative to positive. It showed me how my brain works. How limiting beliefs, that you don’t even know of, determine what you think and do. I learned that my only real limitation was I. I learned to envision my dreams and trust the law of attraction. Not by waiting for my dreams to come true, but by working hard in the direction of where I wanted to be. I learned how to balance my business and personal life and success and happiness.

With my "The Balance Building Book" I want to share my lessons with everybody who is in a situation where life and work and success and happiness are out of balance. In the first chapters I talk about positive and negative thinking and how to change that in predominantly positive. I show you how your mind works and help you understand how to get control over your own thoughts and actions. I show you models that help you to define and create your own happiness and success. Based on this I have defined the Work/Life Balance Building Blocks© to help you make structured plans for a successful AND happy life. Now and in the future. In the heart of these blocks is the “All You Can Eat TAPAS” approach. TAPAS will help you to make, share and enjoy your life with the most important people around you. Helping you to be happy and successful and also helping others to prosper. In the end using all you learn in this book will let you become wealthy, healthy and loved. Like I did.  

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