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In India people understand about the importance of energy and frequencies for your health and well-being. Thousands of years ago they already knew about the 7 Chakras, the energy centres in the body. Energy centres that connect the mind, the body and the soul. Energy that has an effect on our physiscal, mental and emotional health. 

Marcus Schmieke from  Germany studied physics and filisophy but did not find the answers to life he was looking for. So after his study at university he went to India and lived there as a monk for 12 years. He learned everything about Indian culture and medicine. But he did not want to keep this knowledge to himself, so he went back to Germany to develop technology that will help people all over the world with what he had learned about quantum physics and Indian medicine.

Healy is the first certified wearable medical device for energy healing and frequency therapy that can not only send frequencies and vibrations but can also do an analysis of your energy levels and adjust its programs accordingly. It combines modern Western technology with ancient Indian wisdom. It has more than 120 different programs to support your health, well-being and vitality. With the Healy Resonance you can do a Resonance analysis but also analyze your Chakras in combination with Aura photography and analysis.

Healy has programs to (see the video in the right hand menu):

  • reduce pain;
  • strengthen your immune system;
  • fight depression and anxiety;
  • help you with sleeping problems;
  • support your organs (kidney, liver, heart.....);
  • reduce stress and help you with a burnout;
  • help you with mental and emotional balancing;
  • support your 7 Chakras;
  • and many more.

Join our growing team of users and Healy World Members. Learn from the best on how to use your Healy for yourself and others that you care for. We will show you everything you need to know about Healy and perhaps even, if you want to, how to earn money with Healy. We help you get all your questions answered and we organize weekly Healy trainings We can also do Healy presentations just for you and the guests you want to invite.

Contact us today. Send an email to Team India or use the contact form on this website. We look forward to meeting you and make the world a healthier place together with you.